Brian Platt - So It Began

from by Edge Kingsland



So it began
Blazing colours squeezed through Your hands
And the dust flew from chalky wasteland
And so it began.

And the Earth, she’s gasping for breath
Oh and life comes from the depths
And the Sky she kisses farewell to the land
As they separate their hands
And so it began.

And so it began.

But for now
I’m sleeping on the concrete.
Prophesying on the pavement
Of broken bones and broken dreams
And I’m living on the edge of a void.

Out of nothing comes something
And so it began.

‘Cos every day’s a new creation
Every breath life
We started out with nothing
Now we’re something.

The Sun smiles the colours of dawn.
Like a mother she smiles at her new born

Out of nothing comes something

And so it began.


from Edge Kingsland Presents: 7 Days, released January 18, 2015
Words: Sacha Donovan, Mike Donovan, Brian J Platt
Music: Brian J Platt
Performed by: Brian J Platt



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