Edge, Vol. 1: Here's My Home

by Edge Kingsland

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released January 18, 2010

Nic Manders, Al Keating, Dean McQuoid, Evan Cooper, Grant Daish, Gareth Hodges, Jefferson Lucas, Luke Oram, Michelle Haami, Joshua Peary

Additional Musicians:
Robert Wiseman, Cain Coulton, Bruce McGrail, Bill Sim, Greg Burson, Linda Burson, Cindy Ruakere, Graham Dodd, Sara Johnson, Steve Sheath

Rebecca Hickman, Al Keating, Elliot Collins, Kelly Donovan, Steve Wood, Heather Cummins, Josh Smith, Leilani Heather, Jason Pipi, Mari McCallum

Al Keating, Rebecca Hickman, Christopher Riding, Elliot Collins, Josh Smith, Rob Byrne

Recorded & Mixed at Revolver Studios
Engineering by Steve Roberts, Nic Manders, Evan Cooper, Steve Sheath
Mastering by Andy VanDette at Masterdisk NYC
Produced & Mixed by Nic Manders



all rights reserved


Edge Kingsland Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: H.S Welcome
Holy Spirit Welcome
You are welcome here
Guide us Holy Spirit
Speak to us again
Track Name: Glory
Glory, forever we are singing
Holy, Holy
Worthy, you will always be
Worthy, Worthy

The lord of earth and sea
The strength that has carried me
My heart has found it’s peace
In the power of your majesty

For we’ll never doubt your presence before us
We hear your voice when heaven and our hearts collide

When we sing
We are singing to you
Lord of all
We are singing to you

So all the angels sing
To God the redeemer king
And you speak like the strongest wind
Our hearts made alive by your word again
Track Name: Promises
I have decided I believe it
The clouds cannot defeat the sun
The truth remains your words wont fail
So I rise again believing every one
  Our conversations I remember
And I hang on to every word
Cos' I have faith, you’ll light my way

I believe your promises are yes and amen
I believe your promises are yes and amen
I know you said it once and I believed you then
So I still believe it

And every dream is a horizon
At times they’ve seemed so far away
The truth be told, they’re closer now
As I walk towards them every single day
You showed an army to the prophet
Revealed a plan among the stars
You see the things that I can’t see
Track Name: Your Love is a Song
I found love in the sound of freedom’s song
Yeah I found love
You bring light, you keep it alive in us
Yeah I found love 

Some days when the sun is shining on
Yeah I can sing
But on days when the storms are at my door

We give thanks to you
Your love is a song that I can sing
In everything
Track Name: Like Jesus
Earthly pleasures vainly call me
I would be like Jesus
Nothing worldly shall enthrall me
I would be like Jesus

Would be like Jesus
This is my song

He has pardoned all his debtors
I would be like Jesus
So that they may know him better
I would be like Jesus

He has broken every chain
So that we may love his name
Broken every bound, so freedom is found
That I would be like you
All the way from earth to glory
I would be like Jesus
Telling over and over the story
I would be like Jesus

Jesus, I want to be like you
Track Name: Prodigal
A father's love in arms of graces
All lost sons and jaded faces
A heart so strong it beats devotion
A safer place in your affection
Despite a world that screams for our attention
A father's love is ever constant

We were born looking for love
We've found the answer in our Saviour's blood
We turn to you from distant places and find
Redemption in our journey back to you

So we come, yes we run
To your great love
Your great love
Track Name: Coda
I was lost but now I'm found
Now I know the sweetest sound
Father's love and hope surround
Here's my home